Justin Schaefers

Director / DP / Storyteller

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The Expendables: Expired

Short Film

Staring: Peter Onorati and Mindy Sterling

Arthur is just your average 50 something male entering retirement just trying to live the perfect American Dream. The only problem is Arthur has just spent the last 30 years as a mercenary for hire. What does the American Dream look like through the glasses of a lifetime of blood shed and destruction. Pure Comedy obviously. Arthur decides to set up house with the only women he had ever really known, Crystal his favorite hooker. Crystal has a son that may or may not be Arthurs no one really knows. So suddenly Arthur has the perfect instant Norman Rockwell Family and his slice of the American Dream sort of. But, is that enough to keep the pull of the action and adventure at bay..


More About Justin Schaefers

With over 15 years in the industry working his way up by learning every position possible this 

NJ native started out in front of the camera staring in commercials and grabbing roles on

long running shows Law & Order & SVU and All My Children.

Looking for a change moved out to Los Angeles in 2005 got behind the camera working in 

photography with the biggest names in fashion and entertainment. Seeing a need in client 

requested video content created Kaiser Bear Productions. By taking his knowledge from his  

Time in front of the camera to a full circle moment began shooting and Directing for clients 


Budlight, Delta, Equinox, L’Occitane, E!, Bravo, Fox, HBO, Bose, GOOP, True Religion, 

His last music Video for Universal Canada Recording Artist Johnny Orlando “Sleep” 

has over 7.7 million views. 


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